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The Wagner Society of New York, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization chartered in New York State for the purpose of furthering the appreciation and performance of the works of the great composer. Our members come from throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries. The Society maintains a broad range of international contacts. We celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2012.  Please check the various topics in our website and contact us at any time on any and all Wagnerian matters.


Monthly Society programs include lectures, films, receptions, interviews, book signings,  symposia,  and more, all designed to keep attendees au courant. The Society also sponsors three highly regarded series:


The Recital Series

presents young and exciting Wagnerian singers in recital. Additionally, the Society awards grants to selected promising singers each season, in order to assist them in the early stages of their careers and thereby promote the quality of future Wagner performances. For information on WSNY Singer programs, click on Singers Awards page

The Commemorative Series

celebrates the memory of past artists in the Wagner repertoire with the goal of keeping the tradition fresh—a confirmation for those who remember and a revelation for those who don't.

The Seminar Series

examines a Wagner opera in depth by concentrating on current scholarship, performance practices, and interviews with singers and conductors, thus broadening our members' knowledge of Wagner’s works.


If you love music, opera, and Wagner, you owe it to yourself to become a member of the largest and most active Wagner society in the country. As a volunteer organization that welcomes members’ participation, the Society offers you the opportunity to play an active role in making things happen, while at the same time meeting a diverse group of fellow Wagnerians—all devoted to furthering the Society’s motto:

to learn, to teach, to share

Board of Directors of the Wagner Society of New York:


    Chair and President: Nathalie D. Wagner

    Vice President: German Bravo-Casas

    Secretary: Betty Kranzdorf

    Registrar: John W. McCarthy

    Treasurer: Mark L. Villamar


    Carol Anderson, Norma J. Arnold, Catherine Jestice,

   Raymond Ko, Dolores Perin, Donald R. Crawshaw

Other key personnel:

    Bayreuth Coordinator: Dr. Claudia Deutschmann

    Leipzig Verband Liaison: Dr. Hannelore Wilfert

    Publisher: Harry L. Wagner

    Artistic Director of Singer Programs: Scott Carlton

    Consultant: Ken Benson

    Coordinator of hearings and grants for singers: Scott Carlton

    Webmeister: Michael Falco

Advisory Board:

The following list includes recent additions to our Advisory Board.  They are invited on the basis of their special contributions to opera and Wagner, both in performance and scholarship.
Ken Benson, Ingrid Budde, Plácido Domingo, Mignon Dunn, Speight Jenkins, Mrs. George London, Christa Ludwig, Prof. Bryan Magee, Maestro Eve Queler,  Prof. Hans Rudolf Vaget,  Prof. Nicholas Vazsonyi, Prof. Simon Williams, Francesca Zambello, Cori Ellison 
(Messrs. Magee, Vaget, and Williams have been lecturers in our Bayreuth English-language lecture series.)  


Wagner Society of New York
P.O. Box 230949, Ansonia Station

New York, NY 10023-0949 
Phone: (212) 749-4561; Fax: (212) 749-1542 


Press inquiries: 212 749-4561

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